You don't have to be stuck with just Arial or Times New Roman any more, there is a whole world of different type faces and fonts just waiting to be added to your web designing.

Once upon a time life on the web was restricted, VERY restricted. Not only were you stuck with tables for layout, you were also limited by the choice of fonts available.

These limited fonts were those that came pre-installed on your computer and included the likes of Arial, Courier New, Times New Roman, Georgia, Trebuchet and Verdana. These fonts had little or no restrictions and could be safely used on websites, however, as most people are aware the world of design and advertising is not limited to these few fonts, there is a whole raft of beautiful and interesting fonts which used judiciously can create a much more pleasing design.

The internet and web design moves at incredible speed, and there is always something new to try and embrace. Some things are faddy and quickly come and go, others prove to be more durable and actually help create something altogether different. Amazingly, the CSS @font-face method has been around for quite sometime, but is only now as we head towards wider implementation of CSS3 and HTML5 being used more and more.

Here at Crimson Pixel the use of the embedded font 'Sansation' has allowed a different feel and expression in the headings, menu and text that is bold. But of course you could use another font entirely to create a


And by using resources available at places such as Font Squirrel where not only do you get to choose from a wide selection of fonts - for free - but here you can also download the whole web-kit ready to embed in your site and start getting creative!

So when you're re-vamping, re-designing or creating something new, give a thought to the @font-face method of changing the look and feel of your text.

If you need help or more information please do not hesitate to contact me.


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