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Welcome to Crimson Pixel Blog!

Lets get blogging! Here I will aim to keep you up to date with latest website development, news about CMS updates and when time allows - much more!

With the start of 2011, I am looking forward to a busy year with several new sites due to be published and more on the way. I work part-time at present developing websites and I am passionate and keen to build sites that are based on strong coding with good imagery.

I believe that good websites should be quick to download and easy to navigate - otherwise customers will quickly go elsewhere. I also believe that a website should be relatively straight forward for a site owner to update and modify to ensure content remains up to the minute without the need for additional software. Inevitably there is always a learning curve when it comes to learning how something should be maintained, but I am happy to work in partnership with my clients to help wherever I can to ensure that they understand and can confidently maintain their sites.  I am also equally at home helping out in maintaining their sites on their behalf as quite often it is quicker and easier for me to make changes than may be more than simple textual alterations.

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