Back Ups - who's responsible?

When was the last time you took a copy of your website - database AND files? In fact do you even have a copy? Is the answer, "err don't know", "no" or "it isn't my responsibility, the hosting company has a copy"... Then read on.

Firstly, why would you even want to have a copy of your site?

Well its your site and hopefully you are proud of your presence on the web. All the files, the images and data are yours. Having a copy of your site, even if it isn't the very latest, may become crucial if your site is hacked or files become corrupted or information is accidentally deleted.

Potential website hacker

Chances are you may think the company where you host your site keeps good, solid back up copies of your data. This is not always the case (check out what your hosting company's back up policy is today) and it is not actually their responsibility. Hosting companies vary dramatically in their procedures. Some take daily copies and store them for a set period, may be up to a week, whilst others offer you the option to make your own back up copy whilst taking a daily incremental copy with no other earlier versions available to fall back on if you find that your site has been messed up for a few days and you've only just discovered the problem - the only copy your hosting company will have is the messed up one!

Back ups are not the responsibility of your web designer/developer, although if you're still working with them they may have an original copy but this will be out of date.

As a website owner, the responsibility is all yours. If you value the content of your website, and you haven't already implemented a back up policy / procedure, now is the time to ask yourself "what would I do if I no longer had the content of my website?"

assets/uploads/blog/backup.jpgBack ups take very little time to do, and if you don't feel confident doing this yourself, then pay to have this done for you. The price you pay will be a lot less than potentially having a whole new site built. And remember you need copies of all the files, images and the database, then when you have your back up, store it somewhere safely away from the web server, so that if you should ever need to restore it, you everything you need.

You could also enquire about MODX Cloud and hosting a site where you have very easy control of back ups - contact me for more information.

Hopefully you will have realised that backing up is important, how regularly you do this will depend upon on how frequently your content changes, but at least do it!

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