Content Management

Giving clients the power to maintain their own website and manage their own content is an essential ingredient to a successful web presence. By giving site owners the ability and knowledge to update and develop their content will ensure that the information on their site is current.

Sites built by Crimson Pixel use a content management systems (CMS) known as MODX.  By using this system it allows the opportunity to build bespoke sites with an individual feel and look without restrictions imposed by a limited set of templates.



MODX as a company and community has always been keen to connect with small companies and freelancers who focus on development and design of websites, and use the MODX CMS platform as key piece of their core development infrastructure.

This connection has allowed me, as owner of Crimson Pixel, to build my knowledge and expertise, as well as being able to connect with a number of the architects of the content managment framework, providing me with valuable support and insight.

This platform can be used for a wide variety of implementations and as the CMS continues to be enhanced, modified and improved, so my knowledge continues to grow with every new site that I create.

In addition, Crimson Pixel's connection with MODX as one of their listed Partners has further increased awareness of the services offered by my business.

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