Building A Social Network

Being "social" on the internet can help make your business, the services and products you provide really stand out.

It takes time and effort to engage with your audience and to convey your message effectively, so that information is passed on to create greater awareness and hopefully increase interest and ultimately traffic to your website and your business or organisation.

Deciding whether to go for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus etc is largely a matter of preference and how much you already engage with these medium. However, it is important to remember that the different platforms appeal to different kind of audiences and sometimes require different approaches.

Simply linking them all together can sometimes be counter productive because what works on Facebook will get chopped after 140 characters on Twitter!

And there's more than just social media!

You might like to explore other ways of engaging with your audience

  • Blogs
  • News feeds
  • Galleries
  • Forums

Discussing the various options and how to manage them is all part of the processing of developing an effective social media network. To discuss how social media can work for your organisation please get in touch.